E-Cigarettes: Regulations, Opportunity & #Vooping. Yes, It’s A Real Thing.

It wasn’t going to be an easy road for the “smoking alternative” companies, or the E-Cigarette to compete against the well embedded nicotine giants. After all, they have lobbied for years using billions of dollars with no avail to change the minds of government officials to let them do as they please. If the new kids on the block thought they were going to just come in and grab that market share unregulated…today is a day of reckoning.

VAPPENAs a non-smoker, curiosity gripped me. It is futuristic array of flavorful choices and with a healthier alternative to traditional smoking; it had a cool factor with the glow that memorized me like a bug. I’ve tried E-Cigarettes of all types. To the standard Blu to a customized piece worth $200 that uses flavored “juice” that is heated and turned to vapor by a battery pack with a digital interface for optimal smoking comfort. It is a smoking product for Gen-Y.

As someone who enjoys picking people’s brains on why they chose the product, use the product and have loyalty – every E-Smoker is a brand ambassador for their product. Religious about how it works, its benefits to the consumer and how it “helped them quit smoking.” They are involved with the product the same way Apple and Android advocates are.


It is an advertisers wet dream. Extreme loyalty means there is a culture in the system and consumers are picking sides. Although the regulations are looming on advertising, the getting is still good. Think of how many commercial opportunities there are for social media advertising.

On Instagram right now there is a trend called #VOOPING and use your imagination to put the pieces together. Yes. It is people vaporizing while doing their business. It’s a real thing and you’re looking it up right now. You’re welcome. Seriously, go look. 

Like most digital products the design isn’t confined by it’s function. It’s not an analog product as far as cigarettes go. It will also be interesting to see where their looks evolve as they become more efficient, sophisticated and mainstream in the smoking community.

VAPCUSTOMThe package it comes in won’t be the only thing that makes it recognizable. Vaporizers have an intimate level of ownership that great products usually have. There is plenty of room for new competitors to enter the market to improve what’s there for the demand that is consistently growing. It is going to be interesting to watch and to be involved in.

Christopher Pickerel is experienced and educated in the area of digital branding and marketing. Follow him on twitter to get updated on his latest blog posts, content and videos at @CAPICK, or email him at peridot@capickerel.com